6 Reasons You Should Consider Hiring A Freelancer

Posted: 2017-07-19 23:38:06

With winter half over, we can see the spring and summer months at the end of the tunnel - which also means that we're heading into peak holiday season. But before you can switch off and start daydreaming about your well-deserved downtime, you have the pressing issue of resourcing over the summer months to deal with. Commence the hiring headache.

What if we told you that hiring a freelancer could offer you the flexible, positive and cost effective solution that you’re looking for. Our Senior Market Research Consultant Lara Fisher-Jones, is an advocate for a ‘fast freelancer’ and here she explains why:  


Providing cover

Maternity, paternity, secondments, sabbaticals. holidays – the list is endless but whatever the reason, the issue remains the same – you have someone missing. The fix? A freelancer. We have a vast network of freelance candidates at all levels who are able to lend a helping hand to both agency and client side organisations. 


Bridging the gap

Why not hire a freelancer while you search for a permanent solution? You may find that the freelancer is actually a great fit for the permanent role too - we’ve had many instances where a ‘fast freelancer’ has actually turned into a permanent employee.


When there is uncertainty

Perhaps a restructure is due to be announced or external factors are causing uncertainty. Bringing a freelancer on-board helps you during a difficult period of time until you know what the longer-term picture looks like.


Specialist skills

Let’s say your expert in segmentation is tied up with other work or leading on a big project and no one else has the requisite skillset to step in or help out. Freelancers cover a vast range of skills and sectors and would be happy to work with you in this situation - you'd be able to tap into their broader set of skills and experience too.  


Keeping your team happy

No one likes to be overworked. We've met a fair few candidates over the years who have walked away from employers as they'd had enough of excessive hours and stress. By alleviating the burden of your employees with the hire of a freelancer, you'll increase the productivity of your workforce and retain your staff – it’s a win-win.



Bringing in external resource can be illuminating. From experience and know-how to knowledge and wisdom, a freelancer can bring fresh skills and perspective to your business.


Hiring freelancers really is a great way to resolve your resourcing issues but you may be thinking it’s too expensive, it’s a big commitment or the admin will be even more of a headache than the resourcing issue itself! But that’s where an agency can help. Recruitment agencies such as Stopgap can take care of payroll and provide an extremely cost effective solution. Freelancers usually come with shorter notice periods too!


If you have any questions about hiring a freelancer, give us a call on 02 8270 7171 – we’ll be more than happy to discuss your requirements or if you’d like to read more about hiring a freelancer, here are our five top tips for recruiting freelancers

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