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Stopgap client, R/GA Sydney, has unveiled a series of intimate short films they created for the Telstra Ballet Dancer Award.

The online spots were shot on location at The Australian Ballet’s Melbourne rehearsal rooms and are currently being showcased on free-to-air TV.

The Telstra Ballet Dancer Award is a celebration of Telstra’s 33-year partnership with The Australian Ballet. The campaign features all six finalists and uses the dancers’ physical and emotional relationship with mirrors, to reveal the two sides of each nominee. Each of the videos are narrated by the dancers themselves.

ECD at R/GA Sydney Hamish Stewart says they wanted to give a glimpse behind the scenes.

“Ballet dancers are elite athletes who have to mask the exertion, while pushing their bodies and minds to the limit.” Stewart says.

“This was a rare opportunity to show the mental and physical tenacity behind their art, and to celebrate the transformation that takes place.”

The short films can be seen online throughout November and are intended to help in the selection of Telstra Ballet Dancer People’s Choice Award, with the public invited to watch and vote for their favourite dancer by 3 December 2017.

To watch the videos online and to place your vote, click here.