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Employers must act on mental health – four in ten millennials on edge of 'burnout'

The only thing spooky this Halloween season is how scarily close many millennials are to burning out. A new study, released in conjunction with this year's International Stress Awareness Day this November, has uncovered the worrying state of millennial minds, with as many as four i...

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Date Posted: 02-11-2017

Stopgap supports start-up client Twodeck as it prepares to launch Australia’s must-have summer sandal

Move over Birkenstocks, here’s a one-style-fits-all sandal that is comfy, looks good, does good and is here in time for summer. Twodeck is a social enterprise producing handcrafted one style fits all sandals offering customers high quality and comfort. And, through a melding of fas...

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Date Posted: 19-10-2017


October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) and here at Stopgap Australia, we’re raring to do our bit to offer support to increase awareness of the disease and help raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure. The international health camp...

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Date Posted: 13-10-2017

Almost one quarter of digital marketers don't track spend

Digital marketing agency Greenlight recently carried out a study to gain deeper insight into how marketing budgets are spent and tracked. Of the 200 digital marketers polled, 23% admitted to not tracking campaign spend whatsoever, while just 36% were confident that their campaigns targ...

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Date Posted: 04-10-2017

One third of employees have experienced a poor onboarding process in the workplace

One third of employees have had a poor onboarding experience in the past, one fifth of whom said it was so bad that they changed their mind about a job, a recent survey of 4,000 office workers has revealed. The poll, conducted by cloud software firm webonboarding and cited by Pers...

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Date Posted: 28-09-2017

Interviews: how to make a good first impression

“You’ve only got one chance to make a first impression”. Whilst this phrase has come to be a cliché nowadays, it’s a very true fact and one that we in the recruitment industry ought to stand by. You may still struggle with making the first impression you want to wh...

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Date Posted: 21-09-2017

Is the workend the new weekend?

Have you been working lots of overtime lately? Are your colleagues' weekends turning into 'workends' on a regular basis? If so, they're not alone. New research from UK-based membership organisation Boundless has found that 65% of full-time office employees do extra...

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Date Posted: 21-09-2017

B2B marketing stats: what's hot right now

Good marketers know to keep an ear to the ground for the latest trends but keeping up can be a bit of a challenge. Luckily, the team behind Bubblegum Search have stepped in and shared a helpful and concise infographic that compiles many of the latest single-channel reports. So, if you&...

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Date Posted: 14-09-2017

Twitter's event calendar is the perfect planning tool for social marketers

September is sneaking up on us once again and we all know what that means – it won't be long until the marketing madness of the holiday season begins. Christmas does indeed seem to come earlier every year (shall we just start leaving the decorations up?), but it doesn't hurt to be ...

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Date Posted: 07-09-2017

How to give effective feedback

Only 30% of companies today provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates after an interview. The other 70% neglect their potential future candidates at the earliest opportunity by failing to provide any feedback whatsoever. Debut, the award-winning student and graduate careers app, has launc...

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Date Posted: 31-08-2017

Users spend half an hour on Instagram every day

Research has found that Instagram users spend up to half an hour on the platform a day – so what does this mean for marketers? The research comes from Instagram's parent company Facebook Inc. and marks Instagram Stories' first birthday. It found that time spent on the app was la...

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Date Posted: 24-08-2017

Only 25% of customer data is being used to its full potential

Effectively utilising customer data is a powerful differentiator for brands, thanks to its affinity for personalisation and driving engagement – and therefore a top skill for today's marketers to master. However, despite nearly 60% of UK organisations believing that real-time customer ...

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Date Posted: 17-08-2017

Email preferred marketing method for 89% of millennials

Email is indestructible. Despite years of naysayers portending the death of the marketing method, it continues to prove itself as an effective driver of conversions and sales. However, there is one demographic that emails are the most influential with and that's millennials. Now, millenni...

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Date Posted: 10-08-2017

3 Reasons to Give Unsuccessful Candidates Feedback

Here it is, a dream job, the wait for an interview but after all of that, a rejection! When it comes to interviews, there’s nothing worse than not knowing what went “wrong”. 4 out of 5 people in the UK claim that they have never received feedback after a face-to-face interview....

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Date Posted: 03-08-2017

Skills Shortage Creating Problems for Employers

Whether it's the hours spent posting on job boards, pouring over CVs, vetting potential candidates or conducting interviews, the hiring process can be a stressful and resource-heavy endeavour. Couple this with the fact that Australia and the UK are currently in the midst of a skills sho...

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Date Posted: 27-07-2017

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