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Four common influencer marketing mishaps

Influencer marketing has taken the world by storm. While it has long existed in the form of celebrity endorsements, social media has shifted the scope of chosen partners and changed the way that products are advertised and presented. However, as a recent article by Business2Community&nbs...

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Date Posted: 13-07-2017

5 things that make a modern marketing leader

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes – there are the vocal ones, the lead-by-example ones, the trusting ones and the demanding ones. There’s no one-size-fits-all way to lead a team, as long as you’re producing the results, and not upsetting too many people in the process. Ho...

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Date Posted: 06-07-2017

80% of workers have experienced a career slump ā€“ have you?

Most of us have experienced a career slump at some point in our lives. However, while the feeling is unfortunately common, it often results in unwanted consequences for workers and employers alike. As goal-oriented beings, humans have an innate need for progression. We crave challenges, desir...

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Date Posted: 29-06-2017

6 must-ask interview questions to find the best candidates

If you were only allowed six questions to quiz a candidate in an interview, what would they be? Hiring managers sometimes feel the need to ask ‘creative’ questions, which only serve to discourage good candidates and could even result in a bad hire. You know the sort of questions w...

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Date Posted: 23-06-2017

Superpowers of a marketing marvel

To stand out in the world of marketing, you need your very own superpower. That’s not too much to ask is it? The good news is anyone can develop superpowers, it just takes the necessary time and application. Being in possession of a marketing superpower or two won’t just help you in y...

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Date Posted: 20-06-2017

Six ways agencies can nurture your talent

Written by Lead Consultant Eloise Gottlieb As a recruitment consultant for brand, design and content agencies, I am privileged to be part of London’s unrivalled creative community. The people who work in it are the most talented bunch you’ll meet and the work they produce is worl...

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Date Posted: 13-06-2017

6 things every interviewer needs to remember

During an interview, you might now argue that an employer needs to impress candidates as much as candidates need to impress the employer. After all, the best talent only wants to work for the best companies. A recent survey by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) found tha...

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Date Posted: 05-06-2017

Why digital is integral to customer experience and branding

In an increasingly digital world, the online experience is becoming as influential on the customer as price and product. In fact, in sectors with high competition, the online experience can be the differentiating factor. Utilities companies are an excellent example of this; regardless of brand, t...

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Date Posted: 30-05-2017

40% of senior client-side marketers have agency backgrounds

A new study has shed light on hiring practices within the marketing sector, revealing that brands are increasingly looking for agency backgrounds when it comes to searching for candidates. According to the Grace Blue study quoted in Marketing Week, close to 40% of senior-level clie...

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Date Posted: 23-05-2017

Can putting the word 'digital' in your CV improve your chances of getting hired?

These are technology-driven days that we are living in and so it follows that as our digital dependency grows, tech-based skills will become ever more invaluable. Yet digital skills are not just helpful for navigating and completing work, they can actually improve your chances of getting hired, too....

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Date Posted: 17-05-2017

Take control of your recruitment process

Do you worry you’re losing out on good candidates to other companies? Or struggling to attract enough talent to make a strong hire? Every recruiter knows the importance of hiring the right people, but sometimes it feels like the right candidates are just out of reach. With the market leanin...

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Date Posted: 15-05-2017

How to take control of your career progression

Too often there’s a disconnect between those that consider themselves career-minded and the actions they take to propel themselves up the career ladder. In today’s working environment, it’s not enough to just excel at your job and hope that alone will bring the recognition and r...

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Date Posted: 09-05-2017

Four industries gaining the most from digital marketing

In 2017, every company, regardless of size or sector, needs to have a digital presence. But since relationships, customers and leads are found, formed and fostered online, companies must work hard to make themselves heard in the noise. However, like all things in life, there are some that seem to re...

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Date Posted: 03-05-2017

Remote working ā€“ help or hindrance?

Is remote working really all it’s cracked up to be? It promises a better work-life balance, but in reality remote workers tend to work longer hours, causing them to blend their personal and professional lives, leading to higher levels of stress, new research has shown. Maybe we need to get ...

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Date Posted: 28-04-2017

Five email marketing tips

Marketing is forever abuzz with new ideas, trends and theories. Yet, for all the innovation, there is one tried and true marketing method that will never change: the humble email campaign. Its demise has been long predicted but never delivered – in fact, email marketing is more effective than ...

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Date Posted: 26-04-2017

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