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Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles are inherent to who we are. They’ve not been ‘created’ or ‘designed’, but have evolved from our genuine desire to challenge the recruitment industry’s reputation for bad practice and poor service, and to grow a company that truly looks after its staff.

These principles govern everything we do and are the very essence of ‘The Stopgap Way’...


Enthusiastic, zestful, spirited, intense - we know that being passionate is not just about enjoying what we do. Our passion makes us creative and curious; it makes us want to try new and different things, and it makes us want to keep on going when things get tough.

We’re passionate about being leaders in our field; passionate about the difference we make to other peoples’ lives; passionate about our professional integrity; passionate about building relationships that sustain for the long-term. We’re passionate about finding our candidates roles that shape their careers, and about helping each other reach our full potential at work.

We know that passion is infectious. Whether you work at or with Stopgap, everyone benefits from the enthusiasm that underpins all we do.


Synergetic, collective, united, together in partnership – it’s true that people who share a common direction and sense of community go further, more easily, because they are travelling on the combined knowledge, strength and experience of one another. We’re proud of our inclusive, all-embracing culture, which sees us communicate and help one another at all times.

Whether a client, candidate or colleague, we remain committed to an unfaltering, consultative partnership.


Audacious, adventurous, brave, courageous – we’ve been challenging traditional conventions of recruitment since 1993 and remain committed to this principle today. By pushing the boundaries, we have established ourselves as a genuinely different recruitment agency.

Everyday we aim to bring new ideas to the table, ideas that inspire us all to be proactive and enterprising in our work. We’re not afraid to challenge people’s expectations – we’d much rather push back than place our candidates in a job that’s wrong for them. We’ll tell our clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear, and we’ll challenge a brief if we feel it appropriate to do so. We’re not afraid to have difficult conversations with each other if we believe they’ll help – we value our colleagues’ opinions and trust their good intentions. We work with people, not numbers, and we’ll put our reputation on the line if we believe our proposed solution is the right one.


Adaptive, flexible, nimble, alert – Stopgap is an agile recruitment business that is constantly evolving in order to meet the needs of our clients, candidates and colleagues, whatever the climate. We won’t allow ourselves to get bogged down in tired processes, and welcome change that allows us to develop as a business.

We’re service-orientated. We’re flexible to the needs of those we work with; adapting and evolving, ever ready to respond to any issue. We’ll go the extra mile and bend over backwards to ensure we always provide a positively different level of service to our candidates, clients and colleagues.


Honesty, fairness, principled, trustworthy – we believe that openness and integrity lead to lasting, sustainable relationships. We operate in an open and honest manner, and extend the same professional courtesy to each other as we do our clients and candidates.

We’re in the people business, and we genuinely want what’s best for you. Trust and the ability to listen is central to who we are and if we don’t believe we can help a client, then we’ll say so.

Likewise, we’ll never present someone for a job unless we believe, hand on heart, it’s right for them.


We remain steadfast to these principles and they underpin everything we do.