Google named the most trusted advertising platform

Posted: 2017-11-17 02:57:53

Ever wondered where you should invest your ad spend? Well, ponder no longer – a new survey by brand intelligence research company Survata has quizzed the masses to find the most popular platform for ads. Google was cited as the most trustworthy, but the report also highlighted a number of additional, intriguing insights. So, let's dig a little deeper.


While each age group was found to have a differing opinion on what constituted an effective ad, the overall consensus named Google as the winner (30%). However, when deconstructed into demographics, respondents aged 18-24 liked Instagram's ads more (22%), while the older cohort preferred Facebook ads (33%).


It's no secret: consumers across all age groups dislike irrelevant ads. They tend to annoy more than assist, and cost marketers an arm and a leg in unnecessary ad spend. Hence, it's essential that brands put their ads on a platform that knows where and when to feature them.

Facebook was praised by 38% for its relevant ads and maintained its position when broken into silos, attaining 23% and 42% for the 18-24 and 25 and up age groups, respectively. Facebook was also deemed to be the most likely to expose consumers to new businesses (38%).


Predictably, trust and purchasing behaviour were interlinked for all respondents. This is significant because while Facebook was named the favoured platform for ads and exposure, its strengths didn't necessarily manifest in sales. In fact, Google was named by 38% of consumers as the most likely to push them to make a purchase. This was apparent in both categories, scoring 26% for those aged 18-24 and 41% for 25 and up.

To compare trust levels, others included: Facebook (30%), YouTube (10%) Pinterest (9%), Instagram (8%), Twitter (3%) and Snapchat (2%). Meanwhile, in the 18-25 age category, we see the results shift slightly, with Google the most trusted (29%), followed by YouTube (21%), Instagram (18%) and Facebook (15%).

The ideal ad has the right content, on the right platform and is presented to the right person at the right time. This may seem straightforward, but it's a delicate and tricky balance to achieve. That's why it's imperative that organisations find the right marketer to get their message across.

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