Superpowers of a marketing marvel

Posted: 2017-06-16 00:46:01

To stand out in the world of marketing, you need your very own superpower. That’s not too much to ask is it? The good news is anyone can develop superpowers, it just takes the necessary time and application.

Being in possession of a marketing superpower or two won’t just help you in your search for a new job, it’ll serve you well when communicating with customers, too. Consumers expect brands to be able to reach them on every channel and pick up the conversation from where they left it, even if they’ve since done a bit of channel hopping. Yes, they want you to be able to read their minds, essentially.

Being able to personalise marketing material based on who is receiving it – and we’re not just talking addressing consumers by their first name here – might sound beyond your capabilities, but it really isn’t. However, it will require you to develop some superhuman traits to fulfil consumers’ expectations and, ideally, exceed those expectations.

So let’s look at what extraordinary qualities you need to prove yourself to be a marketing marvel…

1. To have supersonic hearing

Social media has given everyone their own platform to express their opinion, air their woes and document their purchases. Those marketers with supersonic hearing can listen in to these messages and extract the bits that apply to them.

They can also do the same for other channels consumers are using to communicate with their brand, be it phone, email or other means, and then apply those insights to offer customers a better product, service and brand experience.

It’s one thing to adopt an omni-channel strategy – it’s another to keep abreast of all the requests and insights that throws up.

2. To be in more than one place at once

“I can’t be in two places at once” is one of those phrases that gets rolled out whenever someone feels like they’re being overstretched. It’s a fair argument – it’s not possible to be in more than one place at once. But, marketers, you need to find a way.

Social media is once again to blame/thank for the emergence of this superpower, with relevant and interesting conversations taking place across far more channels than we could have thought to imagine a decade ago.

Marketers not only need to start conversations on multiple channels to engage their audience, they need to keep the discussion moving, too.

3.  To decipher difficult data

This might sound like the worst superpower you’ve ever heard of, but trust us when we say that, for marketers, it’s a skill that’s worth its weight in gold.

Data is your ticket to better decisions, better marketing and better business. However, given the amount of data digital devices can generate, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by it all. Unless you can make data mean something, it is effectively useless.

It’s not an exaggeration, then, to suggest the ability to turn those billions of clicks, carts, posts, pins, likes, tweets, stars and snaps into insights is nothing short of a superpower. The trick is to know how to apply algorithms and data models that identify patterns – a superpower in itself in the world of marketing.

4. To make silos vanish

In order to create a truly exceptional customer experience, marketers need to be able to connect everyone in the business to the delivery of that seamless experience.

Often, silos in an organisation prevent marketers from fulfilling their objectives in the way in which they had hoped, which inevitably impacts the customer whose experience is something short of seamless.

Superhuman marketers are able to make silos disappear. Not through brute force or by putting visible bridges in place, but by making each and every department think as one business.

It’s quite a lot to ask for marketers to have not one, but four superpowers. Even in the superhero movies, the protagonists usually only have a single superhuman trait that marks them out as extraordinary.

As we see it, the key to achieving on all four fronts is to make the most of what makes you, you. For example, if you’re a natural introvert, you’ll find yourself with more time to double-down on data in an attempt to make sense of it. Or, if you’re an extrovert, use your strong communication skills to get everybody pointing in the same direction, making those silos vanish once and for all.

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