Three steps to becoming an unmissable marketer

Posted: 2017-03-09 23:41:09

Marketers must embody the best in tech-savvy skills, strategic thinking, and come with a toolbox full of tried and tested techniques and tips. Yet, the world of marketing moves pretty fast and taking your eyes off the prize can mean missing out on invaluable skills.

So whether you are looking for a new job in the sector or simply want to enhance your talent, we've got you covered with these three sure-fire skills, courtesy of The Drum, that are guaranteed to make you a more "marketable marketer".


Mobile is now an essential channel for marketing. Not convinced?

• Some 72% of consumers use a smartphone.

• Meanwhile, only 53% have desktop computers.

• For the first time ever, mobile traffic on retail websites has overtaken that of desktops.

So, it's safe to assume mobile is pretty important now. Make mobile your primary focus when developing and demonstrate your ability to ensure that your content and campaigns are always mobile ready.


Given that recorded some 950 tech solutions in 2014 and that number soared to 3,874 by last year, it can be difficult to cut through the noise, let alone keep up.

That being said, The Drum recommends paying attention to the following categories: work management, sales automation, social media and monitoring, display/programmatic advertising, marketing automation and content marketing. So keep your ear to the ground, read around your sector and get stuck in.

Agile project management

Agile methodologies were once known almost exclusively within IT circles, but now agility is seeping its way into the creative industries via sectors like content writing. Agile project management entails short-term strategies and projects that are adaptable and changeable. It also provides an unbeatable insight into progress and productivity.

As The Drum writes, marketing is "as much an art as it is a science". So if you think you're ready to employ these skills, we may have the right position for you. Why not sign up with us today?

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