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Almost one quarter of digital marketers don't track spend

Digital marketing agency Greenlight recently carried out a study to gain deeper insight into how marketing budgets are spent and tracked. Of the 200 digital marketers polled, 23% admitted to not tracking campaign spend whatsoever, while just 36% were confident that their campaigns targ...

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Date Posted: 04-10-2017

B2B marketing stats: what's hot right now

Good marketers know to keep an ear to the ground for the latest trends but keeping up can be a bit of a challenge. Luckily, the team behind Bubblegum Search have stepped in and shared a helpful and concise infographic that compiles many of the latest single-channel reports. So, if you&...

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Date Posted: 14-09-2017

Twitter's event calendar is the perfect planning tool for social marketers

September is sneaking up on us once again and we all know what that means – it won't be long until the marketing madness of the holiday season begins. Christmas does indeed seem to come earlier every year (shall we just start leaving the decorations up?), but it doesn't hurt to be ...

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Date Posted: 07-09-2017

Infographic: Views on UGC - Millennials vs. Baby Boomers

From an A-list celebrity tagging his new designer duds on Instagram to your next-door neighbor raving about her favorite new meal-delivery service on Facebook, most everyone uses social media to talk about brands. But how different generations of people create, consume and share this type of user-ge...

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Date Posted: 01-02-2017

Don't ditch the traditional ads just yet: they still prove a hit with Gen X, Y and Z

Finally, we have found something Generation X, Y and Z can all agree on – traditional adverts are more effective than digital ones. Much has been said in marketing about millennials and their supposedly idiosyncratic ways, strange demands and even odder attributes. But perhaps we are al...

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Date Posted: 20-01-2017

Marketers prioritise data analysis over social media skills

Some 72% of marketers think data analysis is the most essential skill their organisations will need over the next two years, a study by international marketing technology brand BlueVenn posits. In a report titled 'Customer data: The monster under the bed', the firm surveyed over 200 UK an...

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Date Posted: 17-01-2017

Make the most of 2017 with these 8 digital marketing tips for SMEs

Smaller businesses can often feel lost in the noise when it comes to digital marketing advice. However, with these 8 tailor-made tips and predictions courtesy of Social Media Today, you will be well on your way to making 2017 a bumper year.     1. Cross-device marketing We are...

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Date Posted: 19-12-2016

Four digital marketing trends to look out for in 2017

As 2016 draws to a close, marketers everywhere have started to make predictions for the year to come. So, using Business2Community's 2017 list and our handy crystal ball, let's see what digital marketing trends will dominate 2017. Although, if 2016 has taught us anything, it's tha...

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Date Posted: 06-12-2016

Smartphone storytelling wins first place in marketing

  When John Steinbeck wrote East of Eden back in 1952, one of his characters commented "I eat stories like grapes." Little did he know how true his words would ring when fast forwarded 50 years, to an internet age where content and storytelling cannot be created quickly enough...

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Date Posted: 14-10-2016

Five Trends Worrying Marketers

Technology enables marketers to better target their demographic and to analyse data to monitor the success of their campaign, but it can also create challenges. Writing for The Drum, Gavin Stirrat, global managing director at VoluumDSP, lists the concerns keeping marketers up at night, ...

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Date Posted: 16-09-2016

Snapchat to launch behavioural targeting

Snapchat isn't just about selfies and dog filters, it also plays host to a massive amount of user data. The free, temporary photo and video messaging app now surpassing Twitter in daily usage – with nearly 100 million people using it every day – it's perhaps no surprise th...

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Date Posted: 02-09-2016

The future of big data? Location, location, location

In order to have a successful marketing campaign, you need to know the best place to put your marketing message. But, as Campaign discusses, the choice of "where" increasingly means literally anywhere. Thanks to advances in technology-driven location data, marketers can better targe...

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Date Posted: 29-08-2016

Consumers see brands with a social media presence as more "human"

Social media has become a norm in our everyday lives. We use it to communicate with friends, family and even to follow our favourite brands. And now it seems businesses that dedicate time to having a social media presence are seeing it pay off as new research has found tha...

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Date Posted: 28-07-2016

5 ways to boost your marketing with customer testimonials

Consumers want brands to be more authentic and word of mouth can have a huge impact on your business. By combining these two factors, you can boost your marketing efforts.  So, whether you call them testimonials, reviews, ratings or endorsements, Social Media Today discusses adding ...

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Date Posted: 25-07-2016

4 Digital Marketing Trends to be Aware of This Year

  Marketers need to accept the fact that consumers are no longer only exposed to products and services instore or online.  The abundance of devices, platforms and social media channels means we can be introduced to products and services we never thought were possible before. In or...

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Date Posted: 20-06-2016

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